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Hey! I Just bought a SodaStream. You know what that means! Damn straight, flat pop whenever I desire. Woot woot, bitches!

Watch the pop turn flat before your eyes

See all that fizz? Yeah, instantly gone.



Im back

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Im back… Im stoned… Ogk ftw





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 A few years back at Disney I took a shit so rancid it had to have ruined some vacations…

Senate Bill 5: What It Does

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Content taken for Building a Better Ohio

Senate Bill 5 is the first major reform of Ohio’s 27-year-old collective bargaining law for government employees. Over time, the unions representing those employees have successfully demanded a wider and more expensive array of fringe benefits, which far outpace the private sector. Government union bosses have also taken greater control of the management of our tax dollars. As a result, public employers lack the critical flexibility to adapt when tax revenues decline, leaving many of them with no other option than to lay off essential employees, including teachers, fire fighters and police officers. Making the problem worse, today’s union contracts are often designed to protect under-performing government employees, especially in our schools. We MUST restore control of the management of our tax dollars and the new law is intended to do just that. Here are the fair, reasonable and long-overdue reforms contained in Senate Bill 5:

  • Public employees can continue to collectively bargain on issues related to the wages, hours, terms and conditions of their employment. They would not be permitted to negotiate on issues considered to be management decisions.
  • Public employees will be asked to pay a modest share of their benefits (at least 15 percent of a health insurance plan, when most private sector workers pay an average of 31 percent).
  • Unions cannot require taxpayers to pay an employee’s required 10% pension contribution on top of the required 14% employer contribution.
  • Public employees will not be allowed to strike against the government, a policy that has applied to federal workers for decades.
  • Public employees will no longer receive automatic pay increases based only on longevity (length of service). Raises will be based on merit.
  • Public employees cannot annually accrue more than 6 weeks of paid vacation, 12 paid holidays and 3 paid personal days. Local government and higher education employees will receive two weeks of annual sick leave, rather than the current three weeks.
  • Public employers can reopen collective bargaining agreements if the Auditor of State declares a local government to be in fiscal emergency.
  • To resolve contract disputes, public employers and employees would participate in a fact-finding process that requires full disclosure of all demands, allows taxpayers to have input through a public hearing, holds elected officials accountable for choosing a final offer (rather than an unaccountable arbitrator) and allows a ballot referendum if the governing authority chooses the higher-priced offer or if the final agreement requires a tax increase.
  • Government employees that are not union members cannot be required to pay a portion of their salaries to a union, and government union contracts cannot require a public employer to collect payroll funds for political use without employee authorization.

Paid for by Building a Better Ohio, J. Matthew Yuskewich, Treasurer, 4679 Winterset Drive, Columbus, OH 43220

Really, Ohio? Really?

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According to an article on dated 5/18/11, 54% of voters polled are opposed to senate bill 5. Of that number I have to imagine almost all are brainwashed peons thinking this is a war against the common worker. Bullshit! This is a bill against the handful of power-hungry, high paid, and underworked union bullies bastardizing system.

For all you hardworking Ohioans out there who think this bill is unfairly targeting the working class let me give you a few examples…

  • Edward Brombys holds the job title of secretary with the Toledo police department. His salary? $97,853.57 in 2009. Not to shabby for a secretary, huh? This is who is targeted and who you are ultimately protecting. How many secretaries do you know making almost six figures? Unless their title ends with “of State” or “of Defense” they are overpaid.
  • Jennifer Deyarman is an administrative assistant for the Toledo Public Schools. Before I tell you what she made in 2009, let me first say that the national average pay for an administrative assistant is $21,163 – $43,858. Since Toledo is not, say, New York, my guess is it should be closer to $21,163. Her actual 2009 salary? $68,998.87.

Does no one see the problem with this? These are the people that should not be allowed to strike and should lose some collective bargaining rights. Hell, they’ve already been raping the system for years… Time for some payback.

Out of time today… I’ll be writing more soon.

Da Cabbageman

It’s about time I posted something new

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Where is this place? I. Must. Work. There!

Speaking of bacon… (and who isn’t)…

Here are some real bacon items you can buy (you can thank me later).

Hot Women

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The AskMen Top 99 Most Desirable Women is out. Again this year, it’s bullshit. This list cannot be deemed legitimate until Olivia Munn takes her rightful spot at #1. The only reason it’s mentioned here is because they (at least) got #2 right – *** SPOILER ALERT*** Mila Kunis.

Well, that just happened

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job fails - Caution: Don't Scare Someone Using Your New Monitor
Yes, I know it’s fake… but still funny.

It’s Friday

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Friday Pics

Apparently someone turned off the Internet in Egypt or something.

Taco Bell responds to recent lawsuit. Marketing brilliance ensues.

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